The 3 Best Los Angeles Data Science Bootcamps to Check Out in 2020

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Although known for its glitz and glamour, Los Angeles is way more than just sun and sand. Peel back the shiny veneer of Hollywood and Beverly Hills, and you have a vibrant tech community just waiting to overtake Silicon Valley as a west coast tech hub.

Satellite offices of some of tech’s heavy hitters like Google, Netflix, and Amazon, offer a bright and promising future for those in Southern California. Being something like a software engineer or a data analyst in the age of Instagram and Facebook is a smart move. That’s why, now more than ever, it’s crucial to immersive yourself into the tech scene by way of technology bootcamps in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Data Science Bootcamps and You

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Do you see yourself as someone who loves to analyze data, paint a bigger picture from the smaller bits of data to make everything make sense? Are you the type of person who sees the value in the nitty-gritty and aims to better understand the virtual and physical landscape? It could be that you’re a budding data scientist!

For many, data science can seem a little intimidating on the surface. It takes a lot of critical thinking, organization, statistical thinking, and more intimate knowledge of how computers work. But that’s okay! You don’t have to be a tech-junkie to thoroughly understand the benefits, and the foundations of data analytics and data visualization. 

This is where the chief function of data science bootcamps come into play. They offer attendees a fantastic way to ease their way into data science and computer science as a whole. Many bootcamps offer impressive career services, flexible tuition payments, career coaches, and do pretty much anything they can to make your transition from bootcamp grunt to a full-fledged employee at a great company.

Let’s take a look at some of the best boot camps in the Los Angeles area.

General Assembly

General Assembly started out small in 2011 but quickly grew to be a powerhouse in educating people invaluable skills. CEO & Co-Founder Jake Schwartz often states that “General Assembly is the solution to the global skills gap.” They have 30 campuses around the globe, spanning from Los Angeles and San Francisco all the way to Singapore and Sydney. 

General Assembly offers courses in UI/UX design, web development, digital marketing, product management, full stack development, and of course, data science. Their immersive data science courses are for full-time students, and the course curriculum was handcrafted by employers and experts in the field of data science to ensure that you’ll be learning the right skills for potential employment, rather than just learning dull filler material. 

Case in point, Bridgette Gray, the Executive Vice President at Per Scholas, says, “GA’s team brings strong industry experience as well as technical and educational expertise. The collaborative approach we’ve developed ensures that each class and every student is supported on their way to a successful career in tech.”

General Assembly separates the course into different units: from data science fundamentals to more advanced computer science concepts. Part-time courses are also available to those with an already hectic schedule.


Galvanize is a bootcamp that offers courses both for rookies in the field of computer science and those actively working away at their careers in data science. They provide an immersive, full-time online course curriculum in data science that promises a diverse cohort of students.

Quarters are what divides the workflow, with each quarter covering one of the pillars of data science. Their first quarter, Python and Statistics Fundamentals, will introduce or reintroduce you to the very basics of data science, through programming and coding. Then, they move on to data analysis and machine learning. Finally, you take part in their capstone projects and case studies, which will prepare you to land a job with ease. 

The capstone projects aim to allow the student to work independently, solving and examining problems from their unique point of view. 

Galvanize also offers full-tuition flexibility in terms of an Income Share Agreement, scholarships, and payment plans.


Thinkful is one of those bootcamps that really has it all. They have a wide array of courses in nearly every field of computer science. You can think of extremely flexible payment plans to ease your tuition blues, and full-time, part-time, and online courses tailor-made for anyone’s unique schedule. 

Thinkful’s philosophy prides itself on finding you work through a valuable and intensive education. This includes a helpful one-on-one mentorship in data science, helping you every step of the way. Along with mentors, you’ll get to know your cohort very well, as you’ll be working alongside them for quite a while.

Additionally, Thinkful leans into career and portfolio building and will bend over backward to get you hired by providing excellent resources.  

Final Thoughts on Los Angeles Data Science Bootcamps

With these resources, there’s no more excuse not to go after your dreams of analyzing a company’s data, solving intricate and complex problems, and overall getting a better idea of how the world works. With these three data science bootcamps, you’ll put in hard work and get amazing results. 

No longer do you have to slave away at your computer, learning as you go with trial and error. You now have the proper resources and outlets on the west coast to kick your future into overdrive.

Which bootcamp appealed to you most and why? Let us know in the comments!

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