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Los Angeles is a high-tech hub and a fantastic venue in which to launch a tech career. Software development is one of the hottest fields around, and picking up the training to compete for top jobs has never been easier. To qualify for the best positions, aspiring techies increasingly turn to software engineering bootcamp courses. A coding bootcamp such as Codesmith Los Angeles helps students develop their skills in a nurturing and immersive environment. 


This review looks at the key aspects of Codesmith’s Los Angeles campus and digs into the details. We examine the school’s curriculum, tuition costs, and student outcomes. We even look at the admissions process and campus location and amenities. This guide gives you the tools to make an informed decision and begin a programming career in one of the region’s fastest-growing industries.


School Overview


Codesmith aims to provide an education to tech-minded people of all backgrounds. The school was founded in 2015, and the CEO used his experience studying at Oxford University to develop a training program based on his alma mater’s pedagogical approach.


The school teaches its students to learn and think like engineers. This tactic produces graduates with flexible mindsets and helps to prepare them for the challenges they face in their jobs in the field. Codesmith’s goal is to get students ready for mid- and senior-level software engineering careers and give them the tools to land top salaries.


Los Angeles Campus


Codesmith students collaborating
Codesmith students collaborating


Codesmith is located at 1600 Main Street in Venice, CA. The school is a short walk from the beach and is convenient to nearby public transit and parking. The surrounding area has plenty of shopping and restaurant access.


Codesmith offers a full-time software engineering course at their LA campus, and the class meets daily.


Software Engineering


At the school’s 12-week immersive software engineering bootcamp, students receive training in software development. The school prides itself on its constantly evolving and updating topics, and it works to meet the tech community’s needs. 


Codesmith’s software engineering program includes a daily Hack Hour in which students start that day’s studies by solving a custom-designed algorithm. Students also get weekly problem-solving lectures. Course topics include:


  • Computer Science – algorithms, data structures, system design, programming paradigms & design patterns
  • Front End Development – React, Redux, HTML/CSS, building modern web pages
  • Back End Development – Node, Express, Authentication, Non-relational & Relational Databases
  • Groundbreaking tech – Machine Learning
  • Real-World Engineering Practices – technical communication, engineering tools like Git/Github, project management, and Dev Ops


Free Workshops


In addition to their bootcamp, Codesmith offers free weekly workshops on programming to any interested Angeleno. The workshops focus on developing skills and address beginner to advanced JavaScript topics through live lectures, pair programming sessions, and technical communication practice. As part of their efforts to close the gender gap in tech, Codesmith is also offering free weekly workshops specifically designed for their women/trans/non-binary community.


Admissions Process


Admission to Codesmith is a multi-step process:


  • Online application—Let the school know that you’re interested.
  • Non-technical interview—Chat with a counselor so they can assess your level of interest and commitment.
  • Technical interview—Demonstrate your tech abilities and work through coding challenges.
  • Admission—Select your class and payment option.


Finance Options


Codesmith’s immersive software engineering bootcamp costs $18,800. Students have several payment options:


  • Upfront payment—Cover all your costs in a lump sum.
  • Financing—The school is partnered with multiple loan providers to get you a payment schedule you can handle.
  • Scholarships—Codesmith has lots of scholarship options for at-need students including scholarships for women in tech, the LGBTQ community, and veterans. 




The school includes career assistance training when you attend their bootcamp. Throughout their time at the school, the career services team at Codesmith helps students build professional resumes, an online presence on GitHub and other networking profiles, and conducts mock interviews and various career workshops. Graduates continue to hone their job-search chops at Codesmith until they land a position.


Codesmith works with the Council on Integrity in Results Reporting (CIRR) and is CIRR-certified. In the latest CIRR report (Jan-Jun 2019), about 90% of Codesmith grads land Mid or Senior-level positions at top tech companies. They do this in the first 180 days after graduating with a median starting salary of about $114K.




Codesmith’s bootcamp has a hefty price tag at $18,800. However, the school’s career support and cutting-edge curriculum gives its students a valuable head start in their new profession.


All in all, Codesmith Los Angeles is an excellent option and is well worth your time and attention if you want a coding education.

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