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You’re an Angelino with a love of all things tech, and you want to get into a career that allows you to flex those high-tech wings and fly. To make the best career decisions possible, it’s crucial to jump into a field that has unlimited growth potential. Having a clear idea of the fastest-growing industries in LA can help you make an informed decision. When you know about the fastest-growing industries in Los Angeles, you can find a career path that pays well and offers a lifetime of employment.


We’ve put together the perfect guide for your job-seeking needs. Our look at the top LA industries will help you get a grasp on what fields are hot and let you know the steps to take to make yourself a qualified applicant. Before long, you’ll realize your dreams of making tech your profession and becoming part of the way of the future. Ready to get going? Let’s get this journey underway. The first three rows might get wet, so wear a poncho.


Spacecraft Design and Manufacture


A rocket ascends
Help make outer space a highway.


When you think of the fastest growing industries in LA, you think of outer space, right? No? Just me? Well, it’s time to add spaceflight support to your list of potential jobs in Los Angeles. Thanks to the recent boom in privately funded rocketry, there are lots of gigs in LA for folks who have a technical bent and want to turn their attention to the stars. With a little study, you can be on a team that puts folks and equipment into orbit.


To qualify for jobs in the spacecraft sector and take part in application production, get your design and software development skills into shape. There are plenty of data analysis and storage engineering jobs available in rocketry, too. And these sorts of projects require robust infrastructure, so if you bone up on network support and systems administration, you’re sure to find a great-paying gig.


Game Development 


Hands holding a game controller
Bang! Pew! Cha-ching!


Los Angeles is an entertainment town from top to bottom. If there’s a way to make money from developing movies, music, or other media, this town has a finger in it. Video games are one of the most profitable forms of entertainment around today, so it’s not a shocker to discover that LA has lots of game studios. Many of them are doing bang-up business and would love to add your talents to their ranks.


The more programming languages you know, the better. But understanding the game development cycle and having the sorts of soft skills that make for a top game developer is more important than immediate language proficiency. Folks with creativity and a love for problem-solving will go far in game development. Self-study via online or textbooks works to help you pick up the skills you need for game design, and there are lots of top-notch bootcamps in LA, too.


Web Programming


Lines of code on a monitor
If you can code, you can collect a nice paycheck.


Web development never goes out of style, does it? It’s almost as if this whole internet thing is gonna stick around or something. The reason why the web seems to evolve is because individuals and companies keep creating newer and more advanced sites and apps. Programming for the web is a career path that has never been hotter, and all signs point to continued growth in the future. LA is full of web development businesses looking to hire qualified programmers.


To be competitive for web coding gigs, get familiar with some of the popular languages. Study Java, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS to get a solid foundation, and don’t be afraid to pick up some less-used codes to fill out your resumé and make yourself stand out from the pack. There are tons of free online resources for the aspiring code cowpoke, and LA is also home to some excellent coding bootcamps that can get you your education in as little as twelve weeks in some cases.


Streaming Media


A hand pointing a remote at a tv displaying the Netflix logo


Keep the bits flowing.


If you turn on your TV to watch a streaming service or regularly view videos over a mobile device, you’re aware of how central a place data streaming has in the modern world. Businesses all over LA, including the big players like Hulu and Netflix, make fortunes by providing streaming services to folks across the globe. If you have a talent for network engineering or storage, you can find a rewarding career with them.


Network skills and streaming go hand in hand, so it’s a good idea to pick up a good base of knowledge about how networks work and the way we design and manipulate them. Streaming businesses rely on remote and local storage to act as buffers, so having storage and cloud skills will also net you plenty of job offers and a fat paycheck. And get learned up in server administration if you want to expand your skillset and job options.


And that’s the long and short of it, beautiful people. Los Angeles is a great city for folks with tech career aspirations. The city is full of fast-growing sectors that need people who like to tinker with software and hardware, but you need to know which areas have growth potential. Our guide looks at the fastest-growing industries in Los Angeles tech and helps you find a professional path that pays big.


Do you have any thoughts on the top LA industries in tech? Let us know in the comments section below.


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