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The world of technology, as we know, is continually improving and changing. No place better exemplifies this change than the bright and bustling city of Los Angeles. LA has long been a pioneer of all things prosperity and innovation-oriented.


The current economy in Los Angeles is booming, and the tech industry in the area is greatly benefiting from such success. Curious as to which jobs in the area yield the highest payouts? Stick around for all the info on the highest paying jobs in Los Angeles.


Tech + Entertainment = Los Angeles 


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While Los Angeles may be known for its film and entertainment industries, what many don’t think about is how much tech and entertainment coincide. Significant players in consumer technology call Los Angeles home for this very reason. Companies such as Disney, Nickelodeon, Netflix, and Warner Music all garner thoughts of entertainment. In reality, these companies all have major needs for qualified tech workers as they look to push the bounds of technology and innovation. Even large companies such as Apple and Amazon have launched their streaming and film platforms.


This merging of entertainment and technology makes Los Angeles a perfect hub for tech workers looking to cash in on one of the most profitable industry mergers of all time. Many believe that tech, in general, is surpassing its industry and isn’t even an isolated industry anymore. We’ve seen transitions of tech into a variety of industries, including medicine, retail, gaming, and entertainment, to name a few. This merging of entertainment and tech in Los Angeles, actually speaks volumes to where the tech job force may transition to shortly. 


Signs of a Great LA Tech Job


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A healthy work culture is highly important to your career and health! 


It’s important to remember that humans are more than just numbers. While money is a great tool that can unlock many doors in life, we also have basic needs as humans that money alone can’t always fulfill. When trudging through the thousands of current tech jobs available in LA, it’s essential to keep an eye out for a few important things.


1. Work Culture

Work culture is an important part of the decision. To be your best at work, you need to ensure that you’re in a comfortable environment where people treat each other with respect. Additionally, it’s important to discern if employees care about the company, because an enthusiastic team works better together.


2. Work/Life Balance 

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is key to success. However, there isn’t a single one-size-fits-all balance that everybody should abide by. The longer you work, the easier it will be to figure out where the line is for you. Once you figure out the optimal work-life balance, look for a company that offers the closest approximation to your ideals.


3. Workplace Perks

Speaking of perks, these are actually some of the biggest positives of working in the tech industry. As an effect of this, many companies have resorted to incentivized perks as a way to retain and attract employees. These could include anything from free food, free transportation, complimentary gym memberships (or even office gyms!), paid time off, cool office gadgets, trendy workspaces, and much more. Benefits and salary are both important, so weigh both with care when choosing a job offer to accept. 


Highest Paying Tech Jobs in LA


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These are just a few of the many highest paying jobs in Los Angeles. 


After taking a moment to talk about what makes a good workplace, we’re finally ready to dive into the highest paying jobs in Los Angeles! 


Cloud Architect – $135,000 per year 

If you happen to use a tech device that has been made within the last decade, chances are you’re familiar with the cloud. The cloud is this ominous place where all of our data from our personal devices is stored. While it may be confusing to some, the ones who do take note and learn the inner workings of this data storage type are compensated greatly.


Cloud architects are responsible for building and maintaining cloud storage systems.


The average salary for a cloud architect in Los Angeles is around $135,000 annually, and salaries range from $70,000 to $159,000 per year. 


Data Scientists – $123,000 

The world of data is expansive and complicated. With so much technology in the world today, the amount of data we produce is only continuing to grow. While it may be chaotic at times, data is a handy thing, and many companies take great care to harness and use data from their software and products. That’s where data scientists come in.


Data scientists are responsible for collecting, managing, sorting, and understanding of data. Data scientists may spend time coming up with new ways to store, collect, and organize data. These professionals are in constant high demand as the amount of data companies are looking to process only further increases each year.


The average data scientist salary in LA is $123,000 per year. Entry-level data science professionals start at around $96,000, and senior data scientists can earn upwards of $156,000 per year. 


DevOps Engineers – $122,000 per year

Don’t be too surprised if you’ve never heard of this one before. DevOps engineers have become increasingly popular in recent years but still pale in popularity when compared to other tech jobs. While less popular than other positions, the job is actually lucrative and in high demand.


DevOps engineers spend time working with a variety of systems and coding languages. These professionals are tasked with guarding the overall usability of a system and making sure that everything runs the way it’s supposed to.


Because of the extensive training required for the position, competent DevOps engineers are compensated greatly for their knowledge and skill.


The average salary for a DevOps engineer in LA is $122,000 per year. Salaries range from $96,000 to $155,000 annually.


Software Developers – $92,000

Software developers are a tried and true profession that still boasts a huge demand today. Software engineering is also one of the most popular and wide-reaching career paths in the tech industry. The average software developer salary in Los Angeles is just under $92,000 per year.


Junior software developers can earn wages around $68,000 per year, while more experienced developers can take home salaries of $122,000 or more.


How Does This Benefit You? 


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How can you use this info to your advantage?


The city of Los Angeles is a bustling community of technology professionals from all over the world. Through the power of collaboration and innovation, tech professionals across the city of LA are working to produce some fantastic changes in the coming years.


As you begin your professional technical journey, it’s essential to figure out your own goals and wants. While money is a big part of the tech industry, it’s certainly not everything. Finding a balance between compensation and a job you genuinely enjoy is absolutely vital to your career success.

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