Why Learn Software Development at Coding Dojo Los Angeles Bootcamp?

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The “City of Angels” is celebrated globally for many reasons: a thriving entertainment industry courtesy of Hollywood, a strong tourism sector thanks to its sandy beaches and theme parks, and of course, a booming tech industry. Indeed, Los Angeles has become known as a mega tech hub that’s home to big brands like Disney and over 200 startups.

In fact, job site Indeed shows over 12,000 tech job vacancies in Los Angeles, highlighting a high demand for tech professionals in general and software developers in particular. And if you want to make your way in, Coding Dojo can help you get there.

Coding Dojo is an elite bootcamp offering immersive skills-training programs to help industry newcomers and career-switchers acquire the tools they need to build a rewarding career in tech. Since its inception in 2012, Coding Dojo has planted flags across five major cities in the US, with online classes accessible worldwide. Among its onsite locations is Los Angeles. 

If you’re interested in starting your journey in one of the biggest tech hotspots in the world, read on to learn more about what Coding Dojo’s Los Angeles campus can offer you.

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6 Reasons to Learn Software Development at Coding Dojo Los Angeles Bootcamp

An infographic covering six reasons to learn software development at Coding Dojo Los Angeles bootcamp

Coding Dojo has trained over 8,000 graduates, some of whom now work in the biggest tech companies like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon. Here are six reasons why thousands continue to choose Coding Dojo, all of which are offered in its Los Angeles campus.

1. No technical background needed. Coding Dojo has a low barrier to entry, making the bootcamp more accessible to all. According to the bootcamp, 70 to 80 percent of its students have no prior coding experience. Not to worry as the Software Development program starts with a two-week intro to programming basics.

2. Become a software developer in less than a year. Coding Dojo’s full-time Software Development program in Los Angeles lasts 14 weeks. Because it’s short-term, students must commit 70 to 90 learning hours per week to learn the material thoroughly.

3. Three-stack approach. Coding Dojo’s intensive curriculum covers three full stacks: Python, MERN, and C#. Doing so benefits students in two ways. First, it gives them a competitive advantage over students of other bootcamps that teach only one stack. Second, it allows students to become more confident and versatile developers.

4. In-person learning. Under normal circumstances, Coding Dojo’s Los Angeles campus provides well-rounded in-person training for career development. However, due to Covid-19, the classes may be held online. Regardless of the situation, the bootcamp still provides one-on-one mentorships to its students.

5. Lifetime career services. Coding Dojo designs its career services to resolve students’ career-related challenges right from Day 1 of their training. Students sit through interview and salary negotiation prep courses, mock interviews, resume and portfolio reviews, and networking events with Coding Dojo’s hiring partners.

6. Impressive graduate job placement rate. Coding Dojo’s 2020 graduates outcomes report shows that 89.1 percent of graduates landed a job within the first six months after graduation. Additionally, the average salary was $72,325 per annum.

What’s It Like to Learn Software Development at Coding Dojo Los Angeles Bootcamp?

An infographic covering a day in the life of a Coding Dojo’s software development student

Here’s a breakdown of what your typical day would look like if you enroll at Coding Dojo’s Los Angeles Software Development program.

  • Prep (8am – 9am). Get ready to code. Stimulate your brain before classes start with DevNews or Real Python, Coding Dojo’s recommended podcasts.
  • Class time (9am – 12pm). This part of the training splits into three periods, each spanning one hour. There’s the daily challenge where you’re tasked to solve algorithms. This is followed by a class discussion, where your instructor introduces you to new programming concepts. And then a group activity, where you team up with your peers as you tackle challenges that test your understanding of the material.
  • Crunch time (12pm – 5pm). Afternoons are reserved for intensive training. You start with tech talks over lunch, where you hear from guests like veteran developers, hiring managers, and founders. The crunch time follows, which, as the name suggests, involves cracking down coding assignments and projects. If you get stuck, you can reach out to an instructor to help you move forward.
  • Project and prep (5pm – 8pm). Spend three night hours coding and working on projects from home or on campus. Available resources such as free WiFi and online chat support make work seamless. You can review learning materials on the Coding Dojo learning platform and spend another hour finishing tasks for the next day, including assignments and readings.

Tuition and Payment Options

Coding Dojo provides flexible financing options so you can fully commit to learning without worrying about tuition fees.

  • Upfront payment. Pay $14,995 upfront and save $1,500 on your tuition.
  • Installment plans. Pay in installment via Miashare—zero-percent interest and no credit card needed. The total tuition cost for this plan is $16,495.
  • Ascent Funding. Borrow up to the total tuition cost, with a deposit of $1,000 and a minimum monthly payment of $200.
  • Climb Credit Loan. Apply for a tuition loan via Climb Credit, with a deposit of $1,000 and a minimum monthly repayment is $238.
  • Income Share Agreement. Enroll at the bootcamp with no deposit or upfront payment. A monthly repayment tagged at $262 per month only begins when you land a job.
  • Veteran Education Benefits. Military Veterans may be eligible to use their education benefits to enroll, with no out-of-pocket costs.

Engineer Your Career Success with Coding Dojo

Coding Dojo has helped students around the globe find their place in tech. Begin your software development career at Coding Dojo’s Los Angeles campus by taking four simple steps:

1. Submit your application.

2. Complete a behavioral interview and expect a decision in two to three business days.

3. If accepted, talk to an admissions advisor to know which payment method and structure fit your budget.

4. Once you’ve made the necessary payment (unless otherwise waived), an onboarding specialist will connect with you to walk you through the prework and help you get started.

If you’re still on the fence, join Coding Dojo’s next Open House and get the chance to learn more about its program, meet your instructors, and see how they teach.

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