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Los Angeles is a hotbed of technology and offers exciting and lucrative tech careers for anyone qualified to do the work. There are plenty of options to help you pick up coding training to qualify for those positions, including software development bootcamps. Schools such as LearningFuze place students in a fast-paced and high-information environment and prepare them for a new career in just a few months. Bootcamps increase in popularity and number each year, and it can be tough for tech newbies to select a school that gives them the educational environment they need.


Our guide examines the LearningFuze Los Angeles metro area campus and provides you with vital statistics to assist you in your search for a coding bootcamp. We look at the school’s facilities, course offerings, and costs. You also get details on outcomes from bootcamp graduates and learn about the admissions process. Bootcamp grads emerge with the tools they need to land some of LA’s highest-paying jobs, and our review gives you a big assist in finding the perfect learning atmosphere.


School Overview


There’s no shortage of bootcamps in Los Angeles, but LearningFuze is one of the founding members of the LA bootcamp club. The school was founded in 2013, is the oldest coding bootcamp in Orange County, and is one of the most recognized and top-rated schools in the SoCal region. LearningFuze focuses on teaching students the most in-demand skills in LA and connecting their graduates with a robust tech network to help them find employment in their fields.


LearningFuze LA


LearningFuze Students
LearningFuze LA aims to create new generations of tech workers in Los Angeles.



LearningFuze’s Los Angeles campus is located at 9200 Irvine Center Drive in Irvine, CA. The campus is minutes from Interstate Highways 5 and 405 and includes four classrooms that hold 20 or more students each as well as alumni facilities and multiple conference rooms and kitchens. Parking, shopping, and restaurants are all handy to the campus. The campus is open 8:30 am–8:30 pm.


Local Offerings


LearningFuze offers preparatory classes along with its primary bootcamp courses. Students can take the courses either full- or part-time and have both online and in-person course options to better accommodate busy schedules. 


Full Immersion Web Development


This course runs 12 weeks in length and gives students a thorough education in full stack programming. The school uses Agile methodology to help students become familiar with the development cycle.


The full immersion web course includes cutting-edge concepts, languages, and approaches, including:


  • React
  • Node
  • JavaScript
  • HTML
  • jQuery
  • CSS
  • PostgreSQL


UI/UX Modules


LearningFuze’s UI/UX course teaches students all about user experience design. This course is only available as a part-time class and runs 12 weeks in length.


Subjects in the UI/UX course include:


  • InVision 
  • Figma
  • Sketch


Preparatory Courses


Students who need some extra study before they tackle the main bootcamp courses have several options at LearningFuze. The school offers both Root JS and Root Level 1 classes to prepare students for their full immersion training. In the prep classes, students learn the fundamentals of:


  • CSS
  • Version control/Git
  • HTML
  • JavaScript


Admissions Process


You can expect to go through a multi-step process when you apply to LearningFuze for a full immersion course. After submitting an online application, students take a technical assessment and sit for an in-person interview with a counselor.


Part-time courses have a different process—to get into a part-time class, students submit an application and study prep work at home before their training begins.


Finance Options


Full immersion classes cost $12,995 without additional fees. Part-time modules for the web development course run $3,995 apiece, and part-time UI/UX modules cost $2,995 each. Prep classes are $95 apiece, but the fee for the Root Level 1 course is waived if the student sits for an information session.


You have several different payment options:


  • Upfront payment—Pay the full tuition, and avoid additional fees.
  • Income sharing—Make no payments until you land a job in the field after you graduate.
  • Financing—LearningFuze partners with Skills Fund to provide students with loans to cover tuition.
  • Scholarships—LearningFuze offers discounts and grants to bring the average tuition cost down to about $11,700.




LearningFuze reports that their graduate placement rate for engaged students tops 90% within six months after graduation. The school offers robust career services that work to give students job-hunting experience. Graduates see average salaries of between $55K and $75K in their first positions after bootcamp. 




LearningFuze provides multiple training options to help you get your education without forcing you to disrupt your life. The tuition costs are about average or even a little on the low side for coding bootcamps, as well.


All things considered, LearningFuze is worth considering when you begin your search for a bootcamp and is a great option for tech-minded Angelinos. 

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