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GreyCampus is a project management bootcamp located in Los Angeles. This program offers training courses for PMP (project management professional) certification. The program at GreyCampus aims to help students develop project management and execution skills, along with planning and project selection skills. The course curriculum covers the fundamentals of project management, then goes in-depth into the subject. The PMP examination is the ultimate goal of the course, and students who pass will become certified in project management. This program offers a money-back guarantee for anyone ‘dissatisfied’ with the program.

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The first part of the program features an introductory class, which goes over the reading material and certification information. Foundational elements follow, including time management training, project parts, portfolio management, components of the PMBOK Guide, tailoring, and project management business documents.   After, students focus on environments. This part of the curriculum includes environments for project operations, enterprise environmental factors, organizational systems, and organizational process assets.   Students then focus on the role of a project manager, best practices, and the intricacies of the position. Project integration management training follows, and students learn how to develop a plan for the project. Public knowledge management and integrated change control are covered during this time.   Project scope management is the next step in the process, where students learn how to define and control the scope of a project. Project scheduling is also an important part of project management, so students focus on that as well.   Cost management is covered in the following days, along with quality management, resource management, and more.   Communications management comes next, along with risk management and procurement management. The final part of the course covers project stakeholder engagement management, ethics, and professional conduct.  

The project management program at GreyCampus comes with a 34-contract hour education certificate, and the program runs for four days. Additionally, students will receive a year-long e-learning class online, which features additional videos, practice questions, simulated testing, and other ongoing learning resources. Also, a free dedicated one-day live problem-solving session is available, plus 30 days of instructor access to help students work through problems.

Some information is available about student outcomes at GreyCampus. According to the program, 99.4% of students who graduate the course go on to pass the PMP exam. Once students become a certified project management professional (PMP), they will possess the base qualifications to seek out a project management job in the Los Angeles area.  

GreyCampus offers a 100% money-back guarantee to students enrolled in its program. However, it’s only available within 24 hours of the start of the classroom training program. Tuition is not immediately available. Instead, the campus offers a quote system that must be filled out individually. A $300 discount is available off tuition for a limited time.

Programs Pace


Programs Available

Data Science, Cybersecurity

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Upfront, Financing

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