Los Angeles Local Bootcamp Market Study 2020


The city of Los Angeles may be best known for its entertainment scene and for being the production home of many of the largest films in history, but the city also has a booming technology ecosystem. In fact, over the last few years, a large number of tech companies have set up shop in the city. Snap, Inc, the parent company of Snapchat, is famously based in the city.


The CBRE ranked Los Angeles as first on its list of U.S. tech talent momentum markets, which measures the growth of acceleration in a city’s tech talent labor pool. In addition, the city was ranked as third for annual tech degree completions, after New York City and Washington. Vice Chairman of the CBRE Jeff Pion commented that “As technology, media, and entertainment continue to converge, we will see more and more companies choose to call Southern California ‘home.’”


It’s not just the attractive labor pool that makes LA such a great place for tech workers. LA has one of the largest venture capital markets in the U.S. As of December 11, 2019, Pitchbook reported that over $8 billion was invested in 661 venture deals in the city, and LA is home to a number of large-scale venture funds such as Upfront Ventures and Fifth Wall Ventures.


The strong job market for tech workers in the City of Angels has resulted in a growing demand for technical training programs that can support local workers looking to pursue new careers in the city’s tech sector. As a result, coding bootcamps have emerged as a major talent funnel in the region, and the city is now home to over a dozen national and local bootcamps.


The Bootcamps Los Angeles team has collected data from LinkedIn and Glassdoor to create a snapshot of the LA coding bootcamp and job markets. Our data covers the number of bootcamp alumni in Los Angeles, the size of the bootcamp market, salaries for local tech workers, the top tech companies that hire LA bootcamp grads, and more.


We analyzed data from 16 local and national bootcamps serving Los Angeles and surrounding areas:



If you’re looking to learn more about the Los Angeles coding bootcamp market, this is the report for you!


Los Angeles Coding Bootcamp Market Size


Los Angeles Coding Bootcamp Market Size


Our analysis of 16 coding bootcamps with a campus in Los Angeles found that these schools educated 1,096 students in 2019. Our study includes online bootcamps, in-person bootcamps, and enterprise training programs.


Los Angeles Coding Bootcamp Tuition


Tuition for Los Angeles-based coding bootcamps range from $4,500 for Intela Education’s bootcamp to $21,000 for the Galvanize program. The median tuition for LA coding bootcamps is $13,901.


Los Angeles coding bootcamp courses last between 6 and 20 weeks, with an average length of 13.3 weeks.


Our analysis of the 1,096 students who attended and graduated from a coding bootcamp in 2019 suggests that the 16 LA-based coding bootcamps in our study earned $15,235,423. This number excludes scholarships and focused on in-person, full-length offerings.


Six Los Angeles-based coding bootcamps offer Income Share Agreements as an alternative method of payment. These are: LearningFuze, Thinkful, Galvanize, Hack Reactor, General Assembly, and Sabio. Upfront payment, installment plans, and student loans are the most popular methods of payment offered by LA bootcamps.


Top Los Angeles Employers for Bootcamp Graduates


Top Los Angeles Employers for Bootcamp Graduates


Los Angeles is home to tech companies of all sizes, from globally-known brands like Disney to smaller tech startups like Gem and The Honest Company. While there are a number of entertainment tech companies in the city, like Hulu, there is a lot of diversity among the sectors on which tech companies based in the city are focused.


A few of the top tech companies which either have an office in or are based in Los Angeles include: Spokeo, SpaceX, Tinder, Headspace, TaskUs, YouTube, Snap Inc, LegalZoom, and ZipRecrutier.


The Bootcamps Los Angeles team used data from LinkedIn to identify the top companies that have hired LA bootcamp graduates. This data gave us a strong insight into the relationships between local tech companies and coding bootcamps. Here are the a few of the top companies that have hired Los Angeles coding bootcamp graduates, according to LinkedIn:


  • Parapxl Corp
  • InvestCloud, Inc
  • Hack for LA
  • IBM
  • Codazen
  • Warner Bros. Entertainment
  • Sony Pictures Entertainment
  • Stamps.com
  • Verizon Media
  • Fox Corporation


Tech Job Market in Los Angeles


Tech Job Market in Los Angeles


It’s true that the cost of living in Los Angeles is one of the highest in the country. With that said, the average salary for a tech worker in Los Angeles makes up for the higher cost of living. So, if you find the right job, you’ll have no trouble earning the money you need!


To help better understand the tech job market in Los Angeles, we collected salary data from Glassdoor on the average salaries for top LA tech jobs. Here’s what we found:



(source: Glassdoor)


Los Angeles Tech Job Sectors


Los Angeles, which has been given the nickname “Silicon Beach” due to the city’s amazing beaches and booming tech scene, has large numbers of positions open in every major technical field.


Over the last few years, a large number of tech startups have been started in the region, which has fuelled growth in the city’s tech job sector. According to Glassdoor Economic Research, which analyzes hiring trends and wage growth across the U.S., there are 12,899 open jobs in Los Angeles’ tech sector. 


Here are the number of positions open in a few of the top tech jobs in Los Angeles:



(source: Glassdoor)


Los Angeles Bootcamp Student and Graduate Skills


Los Angeles Bootcamp Student and Graduate Skills


Los Angeles coding bootcamps cover a wide range of in-demand technical skills. This makes sense given the diversity of the Los Angeles local tech market and the number of open positions in the fields we have discussed in this report.


Using LinkedIn data, we calculated that 433 coding bootcamp graduates and students have learned JavaScript, 428 graduates and students know how to use CSS, and 317 graduates and students know how to code using jQuery. In addition, we found that 313 graduates know how to code in React.js, which is a high-demand skill in the web development industry today.


The next most popular skill reported by LA bootcamp graduates was HTML, with 290 grads reporting they knew how to code in HTML.


According to LinkedIn, here are the top 10 skills held by San Francisco coding bootcamp students and graduates:


Skill NameStudents and Graduates
Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)428




Between the city’s bustling entertainment scene, its culture for supporting diversity, and its strong technology sector, it is clear that Los Angeles is a contender for the position of the best place to start a new career in technology.


Los Angeles offers a strong local job market for tech workers in a wide variety of fields, from web development to data science. While the cost of living in the city is higher than many other tech hubs, salaries offered to LA tech workers more than make up for the difference.


In addition, there are a number of coding bootcamps based in Los Angeles, including Thinkful and General Assembly. After taking all of this into account, it’s no wonder why the phrase “Los Angeles is the place where dreams come true” remains popular today.

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