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If you’re a techie and have spent any time in Los Angeles, you know how promising the city is for high tech startups and workers. The city is a mecca for technical types, and there are all kinds of careers available for the taking if you know where to look. Knowing about the top tech careers in Los Angeles sets you up for a life of high salaries and job satisfaction. When you understand which LA tech careers offer unlimited opportunities, your training gains a goal, and you become motivated to succeed.


We’re here to help you out and get you ready to launch a lucrative professional life. Our guide looks at tech careers in LA and gives you information to assist you in selecting one that suits your personality and interests. This way, once you become a job seeker, you’ll be able to match the best tech companies’ requirements. You get vital stats on UI/UX designers, technical writers, cloud engineers, and data engineers. We include comparisons of local salaries with the national average wages as put forth by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and let you know what sort of training is required to allow you to compete for the plum gigs.


UI/UX Designer


A sign promoting design
Do you like to create pleasing environments? Have we got the job for you.


Every time you open an app on your phone or computer, you navigate through menus and environments. Sometimes that navigation winds up being confusing and frustrating, though, and that can discourage people from using the app. It all comes down to user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). UI/UX designers are in short supply in LA, and if you have the skills, you can clean up. UI/UX developers make about $115K annually in LA, which is well above the national estimated average of $105K.


When you work with UI/UX, wireframing and prototyping is the name of the game. Template Toaster, Adobe XD, Moqups, InVision, Wireframe.cc, Mockplus, and other tools are essential learning. Creativity counts for a lot in UI/UX design, so don’t neglect it in your studies. And work on your communication skills, as they come into play much more often than you might expect when you work with a design team and clients. In order to brush up on these skills, you can self-study or look into training at one of LA’s top training programs.


Technical Writer


A woman works on a MacBook
Translate technical jargon into humanspeak for a handsome salary.


When you open a user manual that details how to care for your new gadget, you likely don’t spare much of a thought for the person who made those instructions understandable. Technical writers play a huge part in high tech and turn confusing and deeply technical jargon into well-organized and straightforward prose. The technical writers in Los Angeles clean up on paydays—they bring home about $85K a year—well above the national average of $72K.


You can always attend one of LA’s excellent local universities to pick up an English degree and the high-tech know-how that allows you to excel as a technical writer, but it’s possible to self-study and learn the craft on your own. Write daily to stay in shape, and study up on all kinds of tech. Learn a little coding, some networking, and a dash of systems engineering so that you can comprehend and translate technical details effectively.


Cloud Engineer


A sketch of areas of the Amazon experience
Connect to Amazon or Microsoft’s clouds, and bring home lots of green.


Cloud technology is the way of the future. With cloud services, small mom-and-pop businesses have access to the same powerful tools that fuel enterprise-level companies to a healthy bottom line. Folks who know how to work on cloud infrastructure are valuable commodities and make fantastic salaries. In Los Angeles, for example, cloud engineers haul in more than $135K a year, which leaves the national estimated average rate of $120K far behind.


Become familiar with the major players in cloud services to start your training as a cloud engineer. Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure dominate the industry and are required learning if you want to work in the field. Get good at cloud storage, too—data lakes, blobs and queues, Glacier, and S3 all get plenty of use. And don’t skimp on networking, as it is central to cloud computing. Cisco and Sun both offer top-rated courses and certifications for networking.


Data Engineer


An iPad displaying a graph.
Help data find their homes for lots of dough.


Everywhere you look, you see evidence of Big Data. Companies capture and analyze data to determine everything from product color to customer satisfaction, and data engineers make sure that the analysts at those businesses receive the most relevant and important data. If you know your way around a database and network, you might enjoy working as a data engineer. In Los Angeles, data engineers see annual salaries that exceed $115K, which tops the national rate by around $10k.


Data engineering requires plenty of database experience, so study up on SQL, NoSQL, and Oracle. SQL Server is a common tool for data engineering, too. Learn Python, Perl, and other programming languages that work well with databases. Get training on operating systems as well; the more OS knowledge you have, the better you can perform your tasks. Windows and MacOS both get play in data engineering, and Linux is a must-have, especially Red Hat.


And that’s the whole deal, happy campers. LA is a wonderful place to live, and it has plenty of opportunities for techies. Our look at Los Angeles tech careers educates you on the best fields to enter and lets you know how to get the training to set yourself up for life.


Do you have any thoughts on LA tech professions? Let us know in the comments section below.


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