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Los Angeles is one of the hottest locations for tech startups and has been for years. And 2019 was one of the region’s best ever year for startups, with an influx of venture capital funding.


In 2019, Los Angeles saw over $1.5 billion in new money invested in startups and an expansion of industry leaders with the presence of Google, Netflix, and Apple in the region.


In this article, we take a closer look at 50 Los Angeles startups to watch in 2020.




ProducePay logo

ProducePay offers a more robust and reliable fresh produce supply chain.

ProducePay aims to revolutionize financing for produce supply chains through cash advancements to growers and reduction of financial risk to distributors. Their new financing approach aims to take uncertainty out of the supply chain.


ProducePay’s founder recognized shortcomings in the produce supply chain and identified cash flow as one of the main issues impacting supply. Too often, farms fail to produce crops because they don’t have the capital to support them.


In 2014, ProducePay began providing foreign and domestic produce farmers with ready access to funding and distribution. With ProducePay backing them, farmers can produce any crops required to meet the market demand. 


ProducePay’s work streamlining and boosting the supply chain has proven fruitful. The company has more than 750 customers in nine countries, and it has financed over $1 billion in fresh produce.




Magazine image of Trusaic
Trusaic combines regulatory compliance and software with data expertise.


Modern businesses run on data acquisition and analysis, but government regulations and the variety of forms in which data comes in makes working with data akin to tip-toeing through a minefield. Without interpretation and processing, the data that companies receive often goes unutilized, buried in complex structures and hampered by disjointed systems.


Trusaic, a portmanteau of trust and mosaic, recognizes the need for software solutions that simplify complex information and regulations. It provides clean data and straightforward analysis, which reduces company risk, improves efficiency, and enhances profits.


Trusaic created the Triangle of Trust, consisting of the software, analytics and regulation, and data expertise it provides to its clients. This approach paid off, and now Trusaic is an example of regulatory compliance done well.




MedTrainer logo

MedTrainer streamlines compliance and regulatory training to help your company thrive.

The healthcare industry is growing by leaps and bounds, and healthcare compliance is growing alongside it. Without a plan in place for compliance management, dealing with regulations while providing quality healthcare can be a burden.


MedTrainer aims to improve this by offering a comprehensive compliance management system that includes e-learning, safety plan authoring and management, policy and procedure management, and more. Clients who use MedTrainer’s suite of solutions have ready access to tools that help them deal with HIPAA, HR, and OSHA issues.


MedTrainer is fast on the rise; the company has more than 300,000 active users, and more sign up every day to discover how Medtrainer boosts their ability to deal with compliance and focus on their patients.




The EquityBee team
EquityBee helps startup employees join in their company’s success by offering funding solutions for equity ownership.


One of the main attractions of working at a startup is the potential to exercise stock options and share in the profits realized by their hard work. Unfortunately, the costs associated with exercising those options can sometimes cost the employees more than they can afford, denying them the rewards they labored to secure.


EquityBee recognizes the trouble that some startup employees experience in exercising their stock options. The company connects those employees with investors who provide a financial backstop, which allows the employees to exercise their options. When an exit event occurs and the shares liquidate, the investors receive compensation for their funding assistance.


EquityBee was founded in 2018 and received $8.3 million to date.




An example of GoSnow event banner

GoSnow connects skiers with instructors.


The ski industry rakes in millions annually, but many resorts still use old-fashioned methods to communicate with their guests and coordinate events. The market is ripe for a cutting-edge solution, and GoSnow has just the technology..


GoSnow is a mobile app for iOS and Android that ski resorts can use to create new and exciting channels of communication. GoSnow is free to instructors, and it simplifies the process of arranging events and lessons.




Jinx founders
When Jinx’s founders couldn’t find a dog food that provided everything their pets needed, they made their own.


Modern dog care is big business, but sifting through different dog foods and finding one that provides sufficient nutrition for our furry friends can be a frustrating and fruitless endeavor. Dogs are not wolves, and they have their own special needs and nutritional requirements. 


Jinx offers quality dog food products for the moderately active modern canine. The company’s founders consulted with nutritionists, formulators, manufacturing partners, and regulatory specialists to create the best and healthiest foods for your pup that you’ll find on the market. Jinx aims to provide dog owners with a community that allows them to make better nutrition decisions for their beloved pets.


Jinx is a new company and was founded in 2019. It received $5.6 million in its last round of funding.





Prodege has more than $100,000 members in their platform.


In their mission to create rewarding moments, Prodege is a marketing and tech company that helps other businesses increase customer engagement. Through their platform, Prodege helps clients develop strategic branding by providing valuable insights into various customer preferences thereby establishing brand loyalty.


Their four consumer brands  — Swagbucks, ShopAtHome, MyPoints, and InboxDollars offer engaging content and rewards to their members worlwide.


Prodege has received $60 million in funding to date.




Acciyo founders
Acciyo makes binge-reading the news easy.


When a news story catches our eye and we click on the link, we often find that we’ve jumped into the middle of an ongoing issue. So, how can we catch ourselves up on the topic without wasting hours sifting through Google searches? Getting the big picture on a news topic can be a tedious and frustrating experience.


Acciyo helps you get the whole story quickly and easily. When you use Acciyo to examine a news piece, it does the searching for you and weeds out the chaff, providing you with only the relevant articles. With Acciyo, you get information on the major players in a story and all associated pieces relating to the topic.


The company has a Chrome extension available for use, and it intends to expand into other platforms in time. Thanks to Acciyo, jumping into the middle of a news piece won’t stop you from getting the whole story.




The UpKeep team
UpKeep makes maintenance simple and easy.


Maintenance makes the world go ‘round, but organizing and streamlining scheduled maintenance, work orders, and asset management can be a complex and time-consuming affair. If you’re a technician on the move from one issue to the next, you want a mobile solution that stores data on equipment maintenance without requiring you to spend all day on paperwork.


UpKeep offers a winning solution for facility managers, maintenance teams, and technicians. UpKeep’s mobile-first computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) consolidates all information on assets and caters to the deskless worker. With UpKeep’s CMMS, paperwork is a thing of the past.


The company was founded in 2014 and has had a meteoric rise in the industry. Over 200,000 clients use UpKeep’s CMMS, including enterprise-level businesses such as Unilever and Yamaha. UpKeep has raised over $50 million in capital funding, including $10 million in the last funding round.




BadVR logos and VR goggles
Want to step inside your data and get to know it inside and out? BadVR can help.


In today’s business world, data is king. Companies live and die by the quality of the data they capture and the means they use to analyze it. Data acquisition and analysis can be a complex and confusing process, though, and failure to fully utilize the data they have has doomed many businesses.


BadVR’s founders recognized the need for a new approach to data analysis; one that would offer immersion and visualization as a way to pinpoint issues and opportunities. The company utilizes virtual reality, which allows clients to step inside their data and analyze it in a clear and powerful fashion.


BadVR was founded in 2017 and has garnered plenty of positive attention. They received a grant from the National Science Foundation in the last round of funding.




SELLSATION lets you standardize sales processes across your organization.


Sales teams live and die by their procedures. One sales team might have one procedure, while another group might have an entirely different one. This sort of inconsistent sales approach can cost your company customers. To get the best results from your sales teams, it’s crucial to standardize your sales process.


SELLSATION CRM is a sales & marketing solution for small and medium-sized businesses servicing multiple verticals such as AEC, SaaS, Manufacturing and General Business Services. With offices in Europe and the USA, the team has established an international footprint early on of its corporate development.


Early on, SELLSATION also understood that technology is not the only important ingredient to a successful CRM project, but also the people who lead the implementation that make or break it. Therefore, SELLSATION clients are being matched with experts within their respective field. This enables fluent communication and avoids misunderstandings during the sales and implementation phase. As Thomas Kattnigg, CEO of SELLSATION says, “Buyers and vendors are so focused on technology that they overlook the single most important component when it comes to a successful CRM project which are the people who design, sell, implement, adopt and administer the CRM solution.”


SELLSATION was founded in 2016 and provides support to businesses of all stripes, including Prolicht, Ventrex, and KelarPacific.


Tampon Tribe


The Tampon Tribe team
Tampon Tribe offers 100% certified organic tampons, panty liners, and pads.


Tampons are a monthly necessity, and it can be a pain to ensure that you’re both well stocked and using safe, organic products. The last thing you want is to be in need of a panty liner, pad, or tampon and find that you’re all out or have to settle for an inferior brand.


The Tampon Tribe offers a monthly subscription package, so you’ll never have to deal with last-minute store runs or fruitless searches for safe, organic supplies. The company focuses on sustainability and safety—all of their packaging is made from recycled material, and their applicators are compostable. The company’s goal is to provide easy access to organic tampons and pads to all women.


Tampon Tribe was founded in 2016. The company has a strong interest in giving back to the community and assisting women who can’t afford their products—they match purchases and provide feminine hygiene products to homeless women in the Los Angeles area.




A woman sits at a laptop with the Protecht logo
Protecht works to build a better economic infrastructure for e-commerce.


As e-commerce matures, it becomes increasingly essential to provide safe and reliable platforms for live event management and ticketing. Consumers need to know that their money and tickets are secure and that they’re protected against fraud and other risks.


Protecht offers products to help facilitate and streamline live event management. Embracing Protecht’s solutions would mean clients are empowered with inventory and financial control, data analytics, security protocols, increased conversions, and customer engagement. Protecht is the parent company for Protech, Fanshield, and Modern Transact—all of which are dedicated toward managing and improving all aspects of live events.


Protecht has had five rounds of funding and raised $8 million in the last round. 


Signal Sciences


The Signal Sciences team
Signal Sciences makes web application security simple.


Web application security is of paramount concern to modern developers. It’s all too easy to find yourself the victim of intrusion and theft with no useful information to help you track down the intruder or prevent future breaches. 


Signal Sciences dedicates itself to providing robust and evolving web app security to its client base. The company’s products protect more than 27,000 applications and in excess of a trillion monthly production requests. Signal Sciences guards apps for companies across many diverse industries, including enterprise-level companies such as WeWork and UnderArmor.


Signal Sciences has received four rounds of funding and netted $35 million in the last round.




Funraise logo
Funraise provides innovative fundraising technology.


In today’s atmosphere of crowd-sourcing and supporter outreach, a reliable fundraising platform that provides a comprehensive and evolving venue is worth its weight in gold. Using outmoded platforms to raise funds can negatively affect your bottom line.


Funraise recognizes the need for cutting-edge fundraising solutions and offers a platform that incorporates all aspects of fundraising into one attractive package. Funraise includes valuable features such as automated emails to help build client relationships, customizable donation forms, and peer-to-peer fundraising options.


Funraise was founded in 2015 and provides fundraising products to Red Nose Day, the National Wildlife Foundation, and many other esteemed organizations. The company received $9.7 million in its last round of funding.




RepairSmith mobile team
RepairSmith offers mobile car repair, in your driveway or at their shop.


All cars require attention and maintenance from time to time, but finding the time to schedule an appointment and drop off your car can be difficult. Wouldn’t it be better to have the repair team come to you and take care of everything?


RepairSmith offers mobile repair for the busy, on-the-go driver. You can bring your car to their shop if you wish, but they’re more than happy to work on your car in your own driveway. With RepairSmith on the case, you won’t have to leave your home to keep your car happy and humming along.


Repairsmith has received recognition and was on Built in LA’s list of Best Places to Work. RepairSmith also received Business Intelligence Group’s 2020 BIG Innovation Award.




Lucidity logo
Lucidity brings added transparency to digital advertising


Digital advertising is a growing industry that pulls in billions of dollars every year. But it can be difficult to get a grasp on media buys and measurement issues when purchasing digital ads. 


Lucidity offers blockchain-based advertising technology to its customers and endeavors to make digital advertising more transparent and understandable. Lucidity validates ads to help reduce waste and increase ROI for advertisers. With Lucidity, you get a product that offers clarity to a confusing programmatic campaign.


Lucidity was founded in 2017 and received $5 million in its last round of corporate funding.


The Black Tux


The Black Tux team
Get modern, custom-tailored dress clothes with The Black Tux.


Renting or buying dress clothes has always been a tedious and fraught process. Can you find the tux you like in your size, and has someone else already claimed it? The Black Tux offers a new and convenient experience in suit and tuxedo rental and purchase.


With The Black Tux, you can either visit their showroom or receive your suit or tux in your home. The company’s fit algorithm ensures that your suit fits like a glove, and you have two days to try it on and return it without having to spend a penny. 


The Black Tux emphasizes employee quality of life and provides a variety of perks, including paid parking, paid maternity and paternity leave, and whatever equipment you require to be productive. The company received $30 million in its last funding round.


Lofty AI


Lofty AI’s founders
Lofty AI gives you a reliable source of real estate information.


Gut instinct and local knowledge have long been the main sources of real estate investment decisions. In today’s digital world, though, it’s possible to make informed and productive investment choices using data analysis and cold, hard facts.


Lofty AI aims to transform real estate investment from a guessing game to an exact science. The company’s daily block-level data updates keep you current on information ranging from sewage and water states, ride-share wait times, and AirBnB rates.


Lofty AI was founded in 2018, and it netted $800,000 seed money in its last investment round.


Schechter Natural History


Greg Schechter
Greg Schechter offers field guides that utilize the latest technology.


Field guides have been around for centuries, and in that time, little has changed in the way they present their information. However, today’s digital technology offers new and exciting ways to learn about the planet’s creatures.


Greg Schechter, a full-stack engineer and manager, has dedicated himself to providing field guides for the modern explorer. Schechter utilizes mobile technology and his years of technical know-how to deliver comprehensive and interactive guides. 


Schechter Natural History was founded in 2019 and will release its first field guide in the near future.




Surkus logo
Surkus connects people with experiences.

In the big city, events happen all the time. Whether it’s music, food, art, fashion, or lifestyle happenings you want, you would miss out on the fun if you don’t have the right information at hand.


Surkus is an experiential marketing platform that matches brand experiences and offerings with consumer interests and behaviors to curate the ideal audience from their network of members, delivering tailored access and perks in return for personal engagement.


Surkus was founded in 2015 with over 50 employees worldwide, working out of LA, Abu Dhabi, and Hong Kong. Surkus received three rounds of funding, including $6 million in its last round in 2018.




Aircam’s founders
Aircam matches you with professional photographers and gets you your photos, fast.


Photography has always been a waiting game — wait to book the right photographer, wait to approve the photos, and wait still longer for the finished product. Today’s digital landscape offers better options for both client and photographer.


Aircam connects photographers to clients, and it oversees every aspect of the process. When you use Aircam, you get instant professional photos and simplified booking to make your life a little easier. And there’s no app required.


Aircam operates out of Santa Monica and received $6.5 million seed money in its initial investment round.


Mythical Games


The Mythical Games team
Mythical Games is the future of game development.


Game design has long been a question of motivation and market targeting. The best game concept in the world will have trouble succeeding if it doesn’t find its audience. Mythical Games represents a step forward in the field.


At Mythical Games, true ownership of digital assets, integrated secondary markets, and verifiable scarcity are keys to quality game design. The company contains veterans from some of the biggest and most successful game franchises, and they bring their experience to the next generation of games.


Mythical Games was founded in 2018 and has received four rounds of funding. The most recent round in 2019 netted them $19 million.


Alena Solutions


The Alena team
Alena fixes the broken link between studios and clients.


Los Angeles is one of the entertainment capitals of the world, and digital technology will only increase the region’s importance. But the standard relationship between clients and studios is a strained one, and Alena Solutions wants to change that paradigm by bringing studio and client closer together..


Alena is a digital product studio that develops first-class services for a digital world. The company works with all sorts of organizations, from mom-and-pop outlets to the largest companies around, and delivers compelling products and experiences that help to blur the line between client and studio.


Seed Consulting


The Seed Consulting team
Seed Consulting helps non-profits to improve California’s environmental sustainability.


Sustainability is the key to future growth and development, and California is leading the way toward a more sustainable world. Non-profits across the state work tirelessly to improve environmental sustainability, and any help they receive in their work is a boon to every California resident.


Seed Consulting Group is a non-profit organization that offers pro-bono consulting to other non-profits that focus on environmental sustainability. Since their founding in 2014, the company has provided more than $1 million in consulting service value to non-profits across the state.


Scanwell Health


Scanwell test kit
Scanwell makes home diagnostics simple and quick.


One of the biggest stumbling blocks to keeping healthy is healthcare availability. Finding available doctors and spending money on in-person visits can be time-consuming and expensive. At-home health solutions help you avoid long waits and save you some bucks.


Scanwell Health specializes in home testing and diagnostics. With Scanwell’s smartphone-enabled products, you can avoid the waiting room and get same-day results on your tests. Scanwell recently released the only FDA-approved urinary tract infection test and treatment, and more health solution offerings are on the horizon.




The Koia team
Koia provides easy access to healthy and delicious plant-based nutrition.


Protein drinks are a pretty big deal, keeping athletes and other active folks charged up and moving. But which drinks give you the type of protein you need in a healthy and nutritious package? Animal products don’t work for everyone and might cause allergic reactions or worse.


Koia dedicates itself to producing 100% plant protein drinks, so everyone can enjoy them and their health benefits. The company promotes good eating habits and encourages people into primarily plant-based diets to improve their overall health. 




EventCompass homepage

EventCompass makes venue selection and content creation/collaboration a breeze.


EventCompass is a technology platform that allows anyone to rent space on-demand for events, various activities, and shows. The platform is also a very sophisticated market network of venues, local, national and global brands, brand ambassadors, influencers, content creators, talent, artists and creative professionals; all brought together at the spaces they work with for various events and activities. 


They also provide very quick and easy ways for constituents to collaborate, create and find new opportunities. In summary, EventCompass provides an advanced, yet easy-to-use integrated venue, brand and influencer marketing and digital content creation/collaboration platform which is second to none.


Bespoke Financial


The Bespoke team at work
Bespoke provides VC funding to niche business environments.


Cannabis is rapidly becoming big business, and in order to continue growing, it requires funding and capital support. But because of concerns within the financial community, cannabis companies struggle to find lenders and dilutive equity capital raises.


Bespoke is the first commercial lender that focuses on the cannabis industry. The company works to provide cannabis companies with quick, flexible, and scalable financial solutions. It helps cannabis companies stay in the black.


Bespoke was founded in 2018 and received $7 million seed money in its initial funding round.




Homepage of the WeeCare app
WeeCare is transforming the daycare industry.


The daycare industry pulls in more than $57 billion a year, but the field is fragmented and has few comprehensive platforms that cater to both parent and care provider. WeeCare intends to change the way we think about daycare.


WeeCare was founded in 2017 by three people on a mission to provide access to safe, nurturing, affordable, education-based child care. The company provides educators with the tools they need to start their own daycare businesses and simplifies the operational aspects of daycare management.


WeeCare was founded in 2017, and it has received two rounds of funding. It most recently received $4.2 million in seed money in 2018.


Deep 6 AI


Deep 6 AI team photo

Deep 6’s mission is to help bring new cures to patients faster and accelerate healthcare innovation.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is responsible for many of our modern world’s miracles, and it evolves and improves every day. It’s natural to want to bring AI’s formidable abilities to bear on healthcare — with time and care, AI could develop solutions to some of humanity’s most pressing health issues.


Deep 6 AI marries technology with healthcare, and the results have been spectacular. The company’s AI can match patients to clinical trials in minutes instead of the months previously required to find qualified patients, if they could be found at all. Deep 6 aids researchers in conducting cutting-edge research and finding new treatments for cancer and other diseases.


Deep 6 was founded in 2015. The company recently received $17 million in Series A funding.




SimplePractice helps health and wellness professionals grow their private practices.


At SimplePractice, our team is driven by a mission to service the transformative work our customers do. We’re dedicated to providing tools that help health and wellness professionals in their journey to running a successful practice.


Trusted by over 60,000 customers, SimplePractice is the industry-leading practice management software for private practice owners to manage their businesses, with features for scheduling, billing, secure documentation, and video appointments. We love what we do because we believe in the importance of the impact our customers make—as they help people grow and evolve in their lives and communities.




WiserCare improves patient and physician satisfaction.


WiserCare’s digital decision support platform combines clinical evidence, member preferences, and a proprietary data modeling approach to enable patients to make better choices about their health.


WiserCare’s customers are health systems, insurers, ACOs and risk-bearing providers seeking to deliver higher value, preference-aligned care by engaging individuals more deeply in their treatment choices.


WiserCare’s clinical programs have proven to yield higher quality decisions, increase quality and satisfaction, and lower utilization and cost in a variety of settings.




Founder and CEO of Vina Olivia June
VINA makes tech products to celebrate, connect, and empower women.


We have more ways of communicating than ever before, but it can still be difficult to find like-minded people who want to connect. Having even one supportive friend can make a huge difference to our lives. 


VINA provides platforms that allow women to connect and start lifetime friendships. The company produces Hey! VINA, a Tinder-like app that links up women who are looking for friendship. VINA also runs, a fun and supportive site that provides practical advice, and LadyBrag, a site that celebrates women’s achievements; both large and small.




Nacelle’s homepage
Nacelle promises a smooth e-commerce experience.


The world of e-commerce is still relatively young, and many online storefronts suffer from technology lag. It’s a frustrating experience to navigate e-commerce stores that require repeated load times and content shifts, and in some cases, this issue can drive down sales.


Nacelle offers an e-commerce platform that eliminates the wait and annoyance of old-school store sites. When a customer visits a Nacelle-supported store, the site loads once and never has to reload. Customers can navigate around the entire site instantly, and this leads to higher cart sizes and conversion rates.




ATTN website banner
ATTN offers informative entertainment that makes a difference.


One of the biggest hurdles to connecting with the public and raising awareness is drawing and maintaining the audience’s attention. The worthiest cause in the world won’t succeed if people aren’t aware of the problem.


ATTN believes that entertainment is the ideal vehicle with which to raise awareness on important issues. The company works with activists to create events and media that entertain while they educate. ATTN’s founders feel that the key to public engagement is to show people why they should care and to do so in an entertaining, relevant, and personal manner.


The company was founded in 2014 and has had three rounds of funding. They received $15 million in their last round in 2018.




Axelliant logo
Axelliant provides IT solutions to all industries.


Digital infrastructure and IT management are vital components of today’s business landscape. A company that doesn’t have a robust and secure IT architecture will have trouble keeping up with its competitors.


Axelliant is an IT solutions provider that focuses on addressing business and organizational needs for companies both large and small. The firm designs, deploys, implements, and manages advanced IT services and solutions while maintaining a high level of responsiveness and agility. Axelliant works with industry leaders to put cutting-edge technology to work.




Anagram helps to simplify access to healthcare benefits and services.


Medical care can be a complicated and confusing experience, and dealing with insurance adds additional layers of complexity to the situation. Providers spend far too much time managing insurance benefits, and patients may not understand how to use those benefits properly.


Anagram offers a comprehensive web application that streamlines the insurance experience for providers and patients. The app works with many kinds of providers and presents benefit information to patients in a clear and understandable format. Providers save time with Anagram, and patients are better informed, happier, and willing to buy more services while paying less money out-of-pocket.


The Right Balance


A screengrab of The Right Balance’s homepage
The Right Balance is a software development team that works with businesses to achieve massive scale.


Software development is an essential component in many industries, but scalability can often be an issue. How can a business create a developer environment that uses best practices and cutting-edge technology?


The Right Balance is a team of software developers that work with Agile methodologies, automated testing, CI/CD pipelines, test-driven development, and the latest technologies to build massive scalability. The company was founded in 2015 and has already provided their partners with over $70 million in valuation growth.


Tarta AI


Tarta AI’s promotional banner
Tarta AI helps job seekers find the perfect gig.


Today’s job seekers can either hit the streets or the job boards to find their next employer, but those methods can be slow and fruitless. Job openings pop up all the time, and the folks who jump on those opportunities fast are the ones who land interviews and receive employment offers.


Tarta AI speeds up and personalizes the job search. Their mobile app matches you with likely opportunities as soon as they appear and messages you to give you a heads up. The company’s goal is to turn job hunting from an art to an exact science.


Tarta currently focuses on remote employment opportunities and will expand into other job types in the near future.


nFlux AI


A screengrab of nFlux AI website
nFlux AI makes unstructured data a thing of the past.


Data is king in the current business environment, but too much of a good thing can be overwhelming. More and more data worldwide is unstructured and includes feeds from more than 45 billion active cameras. Pulling any insights or queries from this flood of information can swamp governments and businesses and reduce their effectiveness.


nFlux AI created the Ask Engine, which integrates easily with business and government infrastructure. This engine is built on proprietary machine comprehension services and can contextually understand data content, which allows for rapid organization and understanding of formerly unstructured information. The firm works with industry leaders and tech giants such as NASA.




Peakers mobile app
Peakers brings professional-level personal coaching to the mobile app.


Every person training for a race or competition wishes they could afford the kind of coaching that helps professional athletes remain competitive and healthy.  But that sort of personal coach is out of reach for most folks who hope to achieve peak performance. 


Peakers offers an AI solution to ensure that everyone has the guidance and training to maximize their athletic potential. A PKRS.AI membership gives customers access to a mobile app that analyzes your performance and adjusts its approach to every person’s unique needs and abilities.


Peakers was founded in 2017 and has received four rounds of funding. It netted $2.8 million seed money in its last funding round in 2019.




SHIPSI gives retailers the ability to offer same-day delivery.


Convenience is the key to e-commerce success. Customers want their product or services as soon as possible, and they’re willing to pay a premium for same-day delivery. The retailers who offer same-day delivery have benefited from this situation. But how can retailers expand their services and offer same-day delivery without breaking their budgets?


SHIPSI has the answer. SHIPSI integrates with e-commerce platforms and adds an instant-delivery option. When a customer enters their address, SHIPSI automatically finds the lowest available instant delivery rate and handles all of the associated logistics. SHIPSI helps companies increase profits and retain satisfied customers.


In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, SHIPSI has partnered with Baby2Baby and, utilizing drivers from their nationwide network of delivery partners to get essential supplies such as diapers, food packs, and hygiene kits to those struggling in the LA community. As of April 2020, they have delivered over 1 million diapers to local families in need.




A sample of Yumi product
Yumi delivers freshly made meals for babies and toddlers.


Eating healthy and nutritious food is important for everyone’s health, but babies and toddlers especially need a quality diet. Babies form 80% of their brain by age two, and the food they eat has a significant impact on their development. 


Yumi recognizes the need for tasty and quality food that gives infants and toddlers everything they need to build their motor skills and improve their memory, temperament, emotional development, and social maturity. The company delivers nutritionist-designed meals weekly for as little as $5 a day.




Chef’d logo
Chef’d helps customers build gourmet masterpieces.


Good food creates special memories, brings people closer together, and nurtures the soul. Bringing a gourmet sensibility to home cooking is easier today than ever, but subscription meal boxes can break the bank for many customers. 


Chef’d allows everyone to cook like the experts without having to spend a fortune on subscriptions. The company partners with famous chefs, health experts, CPG brands, and culinary influencers to develop delicious and healthy recipes anyone can make at home. Chef’d is available online or in retail grocery stores. 


Chef’d is a venture-backed Series-B company and is expanding into new markets.




The founders of TaskUs
TaskUs modernizes and revolutionizes outsourcing.


Businesses only have so much manpower, and this can result in untapped opportunities going by the wayside. Outsourcing allows companies to farm out aspects of their work they can’t handle with their staffing, so they can focus on meaningful innovation.


TaskUs is working to transform outsourcing into a flexible tool that responds to customer demand. The company began as a virtual personal assistant and rapidly grew into an international outsourcing organization that employs thousands of people around the world. 


TaskUs was founded in 2008 and has received three rounds of funding; they netted $250 million in their most recent round in 2018.




Liquidata provides data as a service.
Liquidata logo


Online services have revolutionized business practices and approaches. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) give companies access to powerful and advanced platforms while keeping their costs low. Data as a Service (DaaS) takes this concept to the next logical level.


Liquidata provides DaaS through their proprietary database, Dolt, and delivery and repository system, DoltHub. Dolt versions data and schema together much like Git, and DoltHub allows Dolt databases to move seamlessly from local systems and environments to the convenience and security of cloud-hosted systems.


Liquidata was founded in 2018 and received $2 million in seed money in its initial funding round in 2019.




WeRecover logo
WeRecover helps addiction sufferers find the treatment they need.


Dealing with addiction is always difficult, and finding a treatment center that has openings and works with your insurance, budget, and needs can seem like an insurmountable obstacle. There are enough beds available for people who need them, but matching a patient with their ideal rehab center often takes far longer than it should.


WeRecover knows how complicated the addiction recovery process can be and intends to streamline the experience. The company’s online app uses an advanced algorithm to pair patients with available rehab clinics based on expense, insurance, clinical needs, and location. WeRecover has had four rounds of funding and received $2 million in seed money in its most recent round in 2018.




A mock-up of a Girlboss profile
Girlboss puts millennial women in the driver’s seat and helps them shape their careers and lives.


When millennial women step into the workforce, they sometimes have concerns when dealing with their own careers. Support from peers and like-minded folk is crucial to help anyone achieve goals, and we all benefit from forums that allow this sort of interaction and encouragement.


Girlboss provides women with a space that allows millennial women to take ownership of their careers and become the person they want to be rather than one others want them to. Founded by bestselling author Sophia Amoruso and based on the ideals put forth in her bestselling book, Girlboss offers an inviting environment in which to share stories and plans on work, money, wellness, beauty, identity, and more.



A mock-up of Endpoint’s homepage
Endpoint makes real estate closing easy and quick.


Real estate sales are booming, but the time and paperwork required for each sale slows everything down, frustrates buyers and sellers, and impacts agent performance. Using digital tools to improve the closing experience benefits all involved parties.


Endpoint is a digital Title and Escrow company that streamlines the closing process. When agents use Endpoint, everyone can track progress online. The company offers a secure and convenient option for agents that helps boost their sales and increase both buyer and seller satisfaction.


Endpoint was founded in 2018 and has had two funding rounds. The company received $30 million in corporate funding in its most recent round in 2018.


First Resonance


First Resonance makes the process easy for factories to gather manufacturing data.


Founded by engineers from SpaceX, NASA, and other hardware companies, First Resonance is a company that provides an innovative solution to manufacturing companies. They developed a software called Ion which helps engineers manage and analyze the test data involved in the manufacturing process. Created by experts who understand the process of developing hardware, First Resonance wanted to give manufacturers the tools that could optimize their performance. 




One of the bedroom styles to pick from at Fernish
Fernish’s furniture subscription service gives customers low price and flexibility. 


Fernish is a furniture service that is reinventing how people create and relate to their home. The company makes authentic and meaningful spaces effortless by letting customers choose the furnishings they want and however long they want them, for one monthly price.


Fernish was founded in 2017 and is based in Los Angeles, CA with offices in Seattle, WA. Fernish is backed by RET Ventures, Techstars, and a number of other notable investors including Jeff Wilke, Amazon’s CEO of Consumer, and Scott Cook, founder at Intuit. The company has been profiled in The New York Times, Fast Company, and Forbes, amongst other local and national publications.




Appinium promotional banner
Appinium prides itself on being a leading provider of content distribution and tracking solutions on Salesforce.


Salesforce is an industry leader and one of the most effective customer relationship management platforms available today. The power and flexibility of Salesforce makes it an ideal foundation for apps to create additional tools and functionality for users.


Appinium creates apps designed to enhance the Salesforce experience. The business has two current apps available on the AppExchange — ViewTrac and LearnTrac. ViewTrac allows media playback and remote viewer data tracking, and LearnTrac manages and tracks all learning activities through any device. 


Appinium is partnered with leading e-learning innovator OpenSesame to deliver more than 20,000 courses on Salesforce.


Dash Radio


Dash's front signage

DashRadio brings the human touch to internet radio.


The internet is jam-packed with radio stations offering all kinds of different programmes. But while there’s no shortage of music, the number of live humans curating and personalizing the experience for listeners is relatively small. Computerized DJs run many of today’s Internet radio platforms, and the results can feel a bit “cold” and mechanical.


Dash Radio injects the human factor into radio again. The broadcasting platform offers over 80 stations, all running 24 hours a day; seven days a week with live DJs and no commercials. 


Dash Radio was founded in 2014, and has received two rounds of funding, the last in 2018 for $8.8M.


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